Catherine Ifejika @ 58: Product Of Goodwill Towards Nation Building

Dear Ma,

Your Enduring imprint are everywhere in the oil and Gas industry contributing to the Nigerian Local Content Initiative.

The Entirety of the Northern Nigerian Students find it extremely expedient to share with fellow Nigerians a brilliant Personage we admire a lot.

Perhaps the reason is this: Gratitude is the Mother of all virtues with out which humanity is fundamentally underdeveloped and wholly incomplete.

Mummy, we can not equal you in nobility or heroism. Less so can we ever climb your heights of sacrifice.

But know that we will never forget the length of our days that we are blessed with a Quintessential Mentor and Mother who is extraordinary in every way you are indeed a shinning light and indeed a product of Goodwill towards Nation building Ma.

Proudly Abusite!

Comrade Omaba Ishiaku M.

ANNS President

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