EFCC should ‘probe alleged proceeds of ransom payment’

An anti-corruption group, Campaign Against Corruption and Bad Governance (CACOBAG), has urged the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) to probe the alleged discovery in foreign bank accounts, of proceeds of ransom believed to have been paid for the release of Chibok and Dapchi schoolgirls.

Government officials have always insited that no ransom was paif for the release of the girls.

CACOBAG Chairman Comrade Toyin Raheem urged the anti-graft agency to unmask those behind the deal.

The discovery has allegedly been traced to two bank accounts at Lamda Private Bank in Liechtenstein and Germany, said to have been opened by a Nigerian.

Raheem noted that since Israel had arrested some of its nationals involved in the deal, the onus lies on the EFCC to investigate the matter for Nigeria.

He said: “It is saddening that foreign nationals and countries seem to be more interested in the development of our country more than ourselves.

“These countries have assisted us to arrest some criminals who are nationals of their country and are involved in the alleged proceeds of ransom, claimed to have been paid by our government for the release of the girls. These foreign nationals were not just arrested but were also prosecuted.

“Two accounts have been discovered to have been opened in a foreign account. It was opened in the name of a man with Nigeria and Niger Republic citizenship.

The alleged proceeds of ransom paid for the release of the girls are stashed in these two foreign accounts.”

The activist urged the EFCC to work with the intelligence gathered by foreign agencies on the matter to unmask and bring to justice the Nigerian.

He hailed the Federal Government and the EFCC under Ibrahim Magu for the anti-graft’s war against corruption.

Raheem noted that Magu’s name will be indelible in the history of Nigeria if the EFCC should investigate the issue diligently and ensure justice.

Raheem pointed out that CACOBAG was not blaming the Federal Government for any payment of ransom as no amount of money could buy lives.

He explained that the group was concerned about the need to stop the criminals who had made kidnapping and ransom payment a kind of business.

He said the group would always be at the forefront of fighting corruption and called for collaboration of all stakeholders to fight the menace.

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