Fortis reiterates commitment to satisfy customers

Mr Tiko Okoye, the Managing Director, Fortis Micro Finance Bank (MFB) has reiterated the bank’s commitment to ensure customer satisfaction in the sub sector.

Okoye made this known at the 10th anniversary of the bank on Friday in Abuja.

He said the bank had been able to stay strong and survive over the years through the commitment of its customers and the staff of the bank.

According to him, in business, it is not everybody that makes it up to ten, so when you make it up to ten you have to blow your trumpet.

“Fortis has done it, and that is why we are here today; we are here on account of two principal sections, first the customers and secondly the staff of the bank.

“The staff constitutes the greatest asset of the bank; without the staff, there will be no bank, but if you have staff and no customers, there will be no bank.

“So you will find out that it has been a complementary effort of the customers and the staff that have taken Fortis to where it is today,’’ he said.

Okoye also reiterated the banks achievements as one of the first MFB in the country to be awarded the Smart Campaign’s Client Protection Principle (CPP) certification.

He said the bank had set the standard to be the first Financial Institution (FI) in Africa to undergo the stringent steps toward achieving the CCP certification and is happy to have achieved it.

Smart Campaign is a global effort to unite microfinance leaders around a common goal; the organisation has as its mandate to keep clients as the driving force of the industry.

The CPP is an operation of the Smart Campaign, which when implemented by microfinance institutions helps build stronger and lasting relationships with clients.

It also helps to increase client retention and reduce financial risk faced by clients.

When incorporated into their investment criteria and due diligence, CPP enables microfinance investors build healthier and more client‐focused industry that will foster a stronger portfolio and ensure healthy returns.

Okoye expressed pleasure at the commitment of some customers of the banks through whose effort the bank was able to survive in the past 10 years.

Meanwhile, some customers of the bank that received awards expressed delight for the awards while commending the bank and its management for a job well done.

Mr Rahael Okorie, a customer and the Chairman, Wuse Market Traders Association, commended the bank for its discipline, professionalism and ethical standards.

“ Not one individual has come to me with complaints about this bank and I have had complaints from customers from other microfinance banks in this Wuse market.

“Going beyond that, I am very happy and proud that I put my weight behind a vision that was real, based on ethics and have the core values of banking as bedrock.

“A bank that has the interest of its staff at heart, that thinks about the well being of its immediate society where they are doing business and that has helped Wuse market traders.

“I am proud of what the management of the bank has done and I’m proud of the bank and I want to tell everyone who cares to listen that MFB is the bank to be with.’’

Another customer, popularly called Alhaji Dangara said the bank provided facilities with the lowest interest rate that was obtainable in any MFB in the country.

He said,“Fortis MFB has touched the lives of every meaningful businessman in Wuse Market and we will preach to other traders to come and bank with Fortis.

Mr Chinedu Agabaenwere, the President, Wuse Market Cooperative Society, said he had been banking with Fortis for about 10 years and had not regretted using the bank.

“In many micro finance banks, when you want to withdraw, they will give you stories but with Fortis, it is not like that.

“You can trust Fortis, they have integrity, they have the interest of the customers at heart and I can recommend them to anybody without fear of any disappointment.

“ They also have efficiency in Information Technology, which is something you cannot find in any MFB in the country.’’

Also, Mrs Jane Agbarumuwe said,“ I use Fortis POS to do my business and every time I want to withdraw money, I have never had issues, so I must commend them’’.

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