Germany to lunch project to break taboo surrounding menstruation

A project designed by a Berlin creative agency `Goalgirls’ to break the stigma surrounding menstruation is set to feature at several festivals in September, the report said on Thursday.

“The ‘Red Tent,’ designed by Goalgirls, is due to be set up at the Melt Festival in Saxony-Anhalt about two hours outside Berlin at Lollapalooza in the German capital on Sept. 8 to Sept. 9.

“We are creating a space where all women can come together, you shouldn’t be ashamed of having your period,” Goalgirls’ Katharina “Kaddie” Rothe said on Thursday.

She said that the tents are expected to house workshops on the monthly cycle, and female visitors will receive free sanitary products, or they can drink a Bloody Mary cocktail, or just hang out.

The idea of the ‘Red Tent’ is not new; it has already featured at festivals in Britain and the U.S.

The German organisers said they also want to welcome men into the tents: the idea is education and awareness-raising after all.

The ‘Red Tent” was already featured at Berlin’s Tech Open Air festival in June.

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