Happy Birthday Iva Jackson

It has been a really tough but successful journey so far.

It has been a rough path but lined with several gold.

There was nothing I dread as living a life solely attached with publicity.

I was born an introvert. I was a lady that loved solitude but my passion for music and acting suppresses my natural composition.

It was really difficult at first having a personality that conflicts with my passion, but when PASSION drives the car, reasons dare not hold the wheel. My passion was far much stronger than my inborn traits. I was able to tap in energy from passion and intrinsic motivation. Acting and music were my reality, so I was ready to give all to achieve them.

Here I am today, marking another year of success in my life and career. I can vividly remember several challenges and obstacles, yet I have many more success and achievements to reckon with.

Today marks another successful quest, another contest won and another step closer to greater achievements.

Whao!!!, I am plus one  today.

In all these, I give unreserved thanks to God. He was and still my backbone.

I appreciate my fans, home and abroad that made my decision of following my dream and passion a worthwhile. God bless you abundantly.

I also thank all my family and friends that were able to cope with a different me.They stood by me through thick and thin. God almighty will shower his blessings on you all.

I appreciate you all.

Iva Jackson


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