IYA To #SackedTheSenate: Take Advantage of the Not To Young To Run Bill Now

The Integrity Youth Alliance (IYA) said her attention has been drawn to a faceless Facebook group named #SackTheSenate calling for the sack of the entire 109 Senators.

In a press release by the National Coordinator of the Group, Kelvin Adegbenga, he said that the way few Nigerians think baffles him.

He wondered if the whole 109 Senators can be all corrupt.

“Who voted them? Instead, recall the corrupt ones instead of sacking the entire NASS, Adegbenga said.

“In as much as we are concerned, the 8th Senate under the leadership of Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki has been doing excellently.

“This is a Senate that that has passed the most people oriented bills in the history of Nigeria, Adegbenga further reiterated.

The group therefore called on the #SackTheSenate to channel their resources to making Nigeria great again by taking advantage of the Not To Young To Run Bill to prepare for the 2019 election.

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