Principals And Headmasters Would Be Answerable For Children Wearing School Uniform To Hawk, Loitering Or Wandering In Bayelsa State

Hon. Jonathan Obuebite

The Bayelsa State government is by this announcement informing students and parents that henceforth any child wearing school uniform found hawking, loitering or wandering around the state during school hours, which is from 9am-2pm, would be arrested, brought to the Ministry and penalised alongside their parents.

In a press release signed by Commissioner For Education, Hon. Jonathan R. Obuebite, he said that principals and headmasters would also be answerable to the Ministry of Education on the above subject matter.

“It is on this note that attendance book would be mandatory in all our public primary and secondary school for the signing in and out of every student.

“Parents are advised to stay calm and let the government fulfil its promise of teaching and protecting their children. No parent or guardian would be allowed to pick his/her child during school hours as the safety of our children is the responsibility of the school once they arrive the premises.

He further reiterated that all principals, vice principals and headmasters are by this announcement expected to take proper daily inventory of all students.

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