The Past Two Years Has Been Years Of Success, Partnership, Cautions And Successes – Fatima Abdulrahman

Dr. Fatima Abdulrahman

As the Buhari administration marks her second year democracy day, the immediate past National President of All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools (ANCOPSS), (Dr)Fatima Abdulrahman said that past two years has been years of success, partnership, cautions and successes.

Speaking to Journalists in Abuja on Saturday, she said that Nigerians should prepare for the challenges that lie ahead and rededicate themselves to the Buhari’s administration to the task of fixing Nigeria together.

“I believe we can also learn from the obstacles we have overcome and the progress made thus far by this administration, to help strengthen the plans that it has in place to put Nigeria back on the path of progress, Abdulrahaman said.

“Despite the many years of suffering and displeasure Nigerians have proved naturally good, industrious tolerant, patient and generous.

“Massive infrastructure development notably rail, power, roads are ongoing, the four refineries were turned around and working, huge debts owed to contractors and suppliers by past administration has been drastically reduced.

Twenty seven States that could not pay salaries for months had been able to do that now through the bailout given out by the Buhari administration.

“Boko Haram activities has been reduced to the barest minimum in the north-east.

“On corruption, this administration has given the EFCC the freedom to pursue corrupt officials and the judiciary was alerted on what Nigerians expect of them in the fight against corruption.

“The Naira has been steady, as in the past, devaluation had done dreadful harm to the Nigerian economy.

Abdulrahman further said that this administration have delivered significant milestones on security, corruption and the economy.

On a final note, she commended the Buhari’s administration for the launching of the National Women’s Empowerment Fund, which provided N1.6billion in micro-finance loans to women across the nation to assist in rehabilitating the economies of rural communities, particularly those impacted by the insurgency and conflict.

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