Why Senator Misau Will End Up In Jail

The Senator representing Bauchi Central Senatorial District of Bauchi State may end up in jail for forgery

Investigation by Swift Reporters shows that the Name “Mohammed” is conspicuously omitted in the sworn affidavit he made when filling the INEC form CF001 i.e. Nomination to contest for the Bauchi Central Senatorial District.

According to exclusive information available to Swift Reporters, Senator Misau sworn an affidavit and attached same in INEC Form CF0O1 that he was born on 30th November 1973 and equally same in the declaration of age attached as against 30th November 1974 as reflected in the Birth Certificate submitted to the Nigeria Police Academy.

It may interest Nigerians especially the Senate to note that Senator Misau has three different date of birth as follows:

  1. 30th November 1973 as contained in Birth Certificate from Health Management Board of Bauchi State Reg. No: 28799;
  2. 30th November 1974 as contained in the Birth Certificate submitted to Nigeria Police Academy from the same Health Management Board of Bauchi State Reg. No: 141400C and
  3. 13th January 1973 as reflected in his INEC Voters Card as attached to Form CF001.

The birth certificate submitted to the Police Academy bears Mohammed Isa Hamma while the one submitted to INEC bears Isah Haman Misau meaning that Senator Misau must have used someone’s certificate to contest election or joined the Nigeria Police.

The Independent Electoral Commission should endeavour to include the Nigeria Police in screening of candidates from Councillor to Presidential candidates to ensure that the right and trustworthy candidates are elected into political offices.

On the case of Senator Misau, It will be right for the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) to take up the case of Senator Misau in court for forgery which is against the Nigeria 1999 Constitution.

If this is done appropriately, it will make those who are ready to forge certificates to occupy political position to think twice.

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